In the 60s after World War II, the biggest reason for all the branches of literature, music, fashion and even the center to be reformed is that it is the young generation that is looking for itself and the original. Despite the harsh criticism of the older generation of people who experienced the painful consequences of the war, this young generation continued their original search and demonstrated their radical attitude. They chose to call themselves "Radical Rags" in response to the old generation, which called them "Rags."
aybüke albere
We were inspired by this story and inviting three talented guest Turkish singers and  we've wondered what would they seem like if they lived in that period. Introducing you  the new "Radical Rags" ; Burak Bey, Aybüke Albere, Sedef Sebütekin..

Photography by Ege Eryalaz

Styled by Bedirhan Taşçı

Interview Abdullah Yazıc