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1)What would your perfect life be like?

Just making art while smoking some joints and eating fresh fruits with friends who are not toxic or judgmental and of course in a country that we don’t have to fight for our rights and freedom.

2)Do u have a bucket list? If you have what’s on your bucket list?

Actually I don’t like to share my future plans or big dreams out loud, but maybe I can tell just one of them: making a song with Roisin Murphy.

3)What’s your favorite song and why this particular one?

You know its one of the hardest questions in the world, I have like ten favorite songs or more. Lets choose the first one that came into my mind. Bjork-Pagan Poetry. I love this song, its more than just a song. Really poetic and artistic, it hurts. 

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4)For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

I am grateful to myself. 

5)If you could have lunch with one musician alive or dead, who would it be?Bowie. Without any doubt. 

6)Do you have any quilty pleasures? :) What is it?

I don’t have guilt for any pleasure but mc donalds :(

7)What’s the number one item you would save from your burning house?Nothing. I’d just watch how everything burns.

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8)What is your favorite thing about your career?

I love it because it’s so new.

9)What’s one thing people would never know about you just by looking at you?That I’m really sentimental, shy, clumsy and dumb.

10)Have you ever made a decision that changed your entire life? If so, what was it?Not yet :)

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